2009: A Blessed Year

It has been a blessed first year for ELI. In 2009 the LORD was good to us and through us for His glory and the building up of His church. Starting with one staff person the day we incorporated, November 10, 2008, the LORD increased our number and influence. We now have six full time staff instructors. In addition we took to the field in 2009 ten volunteer instructors, five of whom are planning on returning again in 2010 along with at least five new volunteers so far.

During 2009, ELI conducted 46 teaching events in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Israel, China, and India. Attending these events were over 5,000 leaders, who have potential to influence about 500,000 others. Antioch Graduate College of Theology was started in Akure, Nigeria with 35 students who are active leaders and who are seeking to become instructors for the next generation of leaders. Near 50 nationals in Ghana and Nigeria have been enrolled in a process to become Certified Course Instructors for our Leadership course. Some have already been launched.

Healthy, ongoing working relationships were established with the following groups

Word of Life Community Church (Uganda)

Agape Evangelical Church (Ghana)

Apostles Continuation Church (Ghana)

Antioch Graduate College of Theology (Nigeria)

Christian Education Forum (Uganda)

Shiloh Bible Training Center for Pastors (Ghana)

Prison International Church (Ghana)

Evangelical Prayer Fellowship of India (India)

Full Gospel Church of Uganda, Mbarara (Uganda)

Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (Kenya)

Destiny Bible School (Uganda)

Green Pastures Christian Outreach (Uganda)

Israel Theological Seminary (Israel)

Africa Renewal Ministries (Uganda)

About 200 individuals and 25 churches have partnered with ELI so far. We are grateful for their encouragement, affirmation and participation with us.

As we look to 2010, ELI will focus on development. In the field, we will develop the most strategic persons and projects in the most strategic places to have the greatest Kingdom influence with the resources available. This will include training and launching many more national instructors in marriage, discipleship and leadership.  We also hope to launch two additional theological study centers, one of which will focus on Christian Education. At home, we will develop our organization and its leadership to become more effective at accomplishing our purpose, vision and mission.

We give thanks to the LORD who has called, equipped and resourced us according to His grace for His glory and the joy of His people.

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