An African View of ELI’S Effectiveness

I am Rev. Sam Oppong.  I used to work with Ghana Evangelism committee… And through that I became convinced that one of the most needy areas of the church in Ghana has to do with leadership.

Personally, I’ve been involved in programs, trying to help teach and encourage church leaders and denominations to plant new churches.  And I can say without any doubt that planting churches in Ghana is no problem.  The problem is how to maintain these churches.  And personally, I did further research on some of the churches – why they were growing and others were dying.  And it all boiled down to the question of effective leadership.  So, I became convinced that the question of leadership must become the number one priority of the ministries and churches in Ghana.

In fact, before Equipping Leaders came in, I decided to start a ministry, known as Leadership Ministries.  So, I saw Equipping Leaders as a help in what I was already involved in doing.  And I thank the Lord I have never regretted working with Equipping Leaders. We are on the same wavelength and we are seeing results.  Pastors who have been in ministry for years continuously give testimony as to what Equipping Leaders have been doing.  And I thank the Lord for the partnership and pray that it continues.

Rev. Sam Oppong is ELI’s national coordinator  for Ghana.  With his wide range of experience in ministry and his godly wisdom, Sam is an invaluable part of our work in Ghana.  He is also one of ELI’s international advisors, guiding the direction of our ministry.

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