Board of Trustees

ELI is governed by a strategic policy oriented Board of Trustees, i.e. a Board that thinks strategically, allowing future priorities to determine present decisions. It plans its work and works it plan to accomplish specific objectives effectively. The Board implements its policies through an Executive Director.


C. David Watson, JD
Senior Counsel for Reynolds Consumer Products


Richard Ashlock
Owner, Sales, Purchasing for Avodah Purchasing Group


Clifford Montgomery, CFA
Owner and Portfolio Manager for Scotia Parters, LLC


Vicki Kloosterhouse_headshot

Vicki Kloosterhouse, PhD
Speaker, Trainer, Coach


Dr. Daniel Steere, PhD

Project Director, Equipping Leaders International


Michael Hicks, MBA

Senior Consultant for Telecommunications Consulting Services


Donald Mountan, MDiv
Executive Director, Equipping Leaders International, Inc.

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Equipping Leaders International Inc. is a non-profit para-church ministry organized to glorify God by developing strategic Christian leaders inside and outside the institutional church to lead biblical reformation in their cultures and to replicate this leadership

Christians are called to make disciples of the nations, to change cultures so that to a discernible degree our prayer “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” is increasingly manifest as answered. The biblical worldview and Reformed heritage sees no distinction between sacred and secular, “whatsoever you do…do all to the glory of God.” Christ’s Kingdom work takes place in a bigger arena than the institutional church. Leaders in every area of culture need to be equipped with a Christ-centered biblical worldview and skills.

Pastors alone, as significant as they are, are not sufficient to the task because of the limits of their own training, experience and time. From among the priesthood of believers, God has equipped Christian leaders in strategic areas who are able to equip the saints for service in areas outside the institutional church, e.g. education and the workplace, two vital areas impacting culture.

There is a need for the Reformed community to lead in applying a Christ-centered biblical worldview theology to the task of equipping strategic Christian leaders. Equipping Leaders International is responding to this need by recruiting experienced Christ-centered biblical leaders gifted to teach other leaders to influence strategic areas in their culture – their churches, homes, schools, workplaces.

“Leaders influence. It’s that simple”
Dr. Robert Clinton

Equipping Leaders International desires the LORD use us to influence and equip other leaders to influence and equip other leaders to influence others to live a Christ-centered biblical lifestyle by the grace of God through faith in Christ

Historically, ELI is newly organized, being founded in 2008, but it is well experienced. The founding members have many years of ministry leadership experience. The founder and Executive Director has over 32 years church leadership experience, the last seven of which has been training leaders overseas.

Over 140 years of Christian leadership experience is represented by the full-time instructional staff of ELI. This experience covers local church leadership, church planting, church revitalization, founding and administration of Christian schools, academic studies and publishing and overseas ministries in Africa, China, Europe, India, Latin America and the Israel. This experience also covers over 130 years of living out the Christian faith “successfully” in marriage, family, business, and neighborly community relations. The LORD has prepared the ELI staff with wisdom born of study and experience to practically apply His word.

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