A Fruitful Week in Uganda


Theological College.  Pastor Nelson Wesamoya explained  that the vision for the college is “the direct result of ELI’s  training over several years that has impacted thousands of  lives.”  Their vision is an interdenominational college that  trains leaders.  Vicar Noah represented one diocese of the  Church of Uganda and Deacon Arphaxed another.  The COU  is the conservative version of the Anglican Church.  Bishop  Francis is the top leader of the Evangelical Episcopal  Pentecostal fellowship of churches in Uganda, Rwanda and  Tanzania.  Green Pastures, in partnership with ELI, works with hundreds of independents and various other fellowships.
Immediately after the CCI training the Don and Dave met with George Kitabula, headmaster of Green Pasture Secondary and Vocational School, Agnes Wesamoya, a key leader of Wampewo Primary School as well as some teachers.  They discussed how ELI might partner with these schools to help them become “model” schools from which we can send Educational CCIs out to influence other schools.  Wampewo has over 440 primary students and only 12 teachers.  GPSV school has over 160 students.


The Fresh Miller project is a Business as Ministry (BAM) initiative to create a  for-profit business for the express purpose of launching other women  into their own BAM.   ELI met to discuss the business model and strategy  with Stella and  Kenneth, who will lead the business and training.  Pray for this  initiative as we  seek wisdom to move ahead.

Thursday evening, ELI hosted a dinner meeting to encourage and hear reports from our Marriage Certified Course Instructors.  They continue to receive invitations to hold seminars.  Four more are scheduled before this year’s end.  ELI is working itself out of a job as the nationals take up the task.
Friday, Don and Dave traveled to Butalejan, to open a Marriage Seminar taught by the CCIs.  The church was filling up with people and enthusiasm as they departed for the airport.


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Back from the meeting.  These guys (Joseph and Noah) are SO excited about this MINTS program!  They were spontaneously telling us about some of the results that have come.

One of the new guys is a Methodist minister (Joseph taught him the two courses that Don and I taught in February to catch him up – that in itself is exciting!) who, after taking these courses said “I have learned so much! I’m going to make sure that this material makes it into the training of the ministers and lay leaders in my area.  There were areas of the Bible that I thought I knew, but I see now that there is so much more!”  Impact!

And Joseph went on to say, “Everyone who has taken these courses is now preaching expository sermons!”

And Noah chimed in:  “Not just a verse, but the whole passage.”  Joseph’s church is going through Ephesians in Sunday School verse by verse in an expository fashion.  He meets with his teachers on Saturday to train them for the next day.  “It has changed us!” he said, “and we are growing in our understanding of the Bible.”

[I’m relating this from memory, so the words may not be exact, but the sentiment is.  And it was seconded by the excitement in their voices and on their faces.  Something is happening here.]

PRAISE GOD!!!  They are getting it and putting it into practice!  This is such an encouragement to my heart.  I dearly love these guys and they are leading the next generation of the church here.  I’m looking forward to teaching them Church History and seeing what affect that has on their actions and thinking.

Dan Steere

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