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Rev. Bill and Bobbie Boggess

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I am from Columbus, Mississippi and my wife is from Atlanta, Georgia. I was saved at Mississippi State University my senior year (1972) by the testimony of a fraternity brother. After studying journalism at MSU, I attended Florida Bible College for four semesters. It was there that I met my wife-to-be and decided to go into the ministry. After studying at FBC, I worked part-time in a church for two years in Mississippi where I recognized my need for additional training. Then I went to Dallas Theological Seminary and received a Th.M. in 1980.

All through seminary I was heading for the pastorate. I did not see where I could fit in on the mission field, having the gifts and desire to be a pastor. At a missions conference at Dallas Seminary in 1980, we learned of the need for pastors to start churches in western Europe. We looked into the opportunity and felt the call to church-planting in France with TEAM. We helped plant three churches in the Paris suburbs for 34 years.

Barbara and I have been married 41 years and we have three sons. Our oldest son, Brian, 38, is an engineer in New York City. He is married. He and his wife recently became foster parents of an infant boy whom they hope to adopt. Bradlee, 35, works in the publishing industry in Manhattan. Benjamin, 30, works for a non-governmental organization based in the US. He often works in Haiti. He lives in Washington, DC.

In our retirement years, I want to use my French proficiency to train pastors in French-speaking countries of Africa. Over the years of church-planting in France, we saw that leadership training was critical, so I understand the need for pastoral/theological training for Africa’s spiritual leaders. The African church needs to see God raise up teachable, gifted men to train to lead His people. And once trained, they need to train up the next generation of spiritual leaders. I have been teaching the Bible for many years in French and want to use that ability strategically for God’s kingdom for the years I have left with good health and energy.

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