Go With Us

As Volunteer Faculty

We are looking for volunteer instructors to travel with us. We need pastors and elders to travel with us to teach other pastors and elders. Likewise, we need male and female educators and business leaders with us to teach in the realms of education and business. ELI currently has more training invitations than we have the staff to fulfill them. Would you consider going and training with us for two weeks in the coming year?  Email our executive director at dgilchrist@equippingleadersinternational.org

Join our Faculty

If you are asking God “What next?” ELI may be a perfect fit. We can help you answer your “Macedonian call” so that you can leverage your experience, multiply your impact, and finish well.

The church is exploding in Africa, Asia, and South America.  Therefore, we are aggressively looking for staff – both adjunct (2 trips annually and non-salaried) and fulltime (8 to 15 weeks annually); mature men and women who realize their experience and wisdom will best serve God’s Kingdom by investing their energies in multiplying indigenous leaders around the world.

We raise our own support, organize and implement our training ministry as we see fit, and we get to live wherever we want.  Isn’t it time for you get started finishing the race really well?

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