Are you looking to leverage your experience as a

Christian leader and finish well?

We equip and empower pastors and other strategic Christian leaders to reproduce a growing number of leaders who bring gospel transformation to their communities.

ELI does this through:


Practical reproducible instruction in a Christ-centered biblical world-view, through a variety of venues including large conferences, smaller focused instructor training groups and individual mentoring. Instructional venues will include degree and non-degree level opportunities.


Providing resources, e.g. practical instructional notes, written and electronic study materials, computer-based resources, etc.


Connecting national movements to strategic partners; such as Miami International Seminary, Ligonier Ministries, Third Millennium, Mission to the World, The Gospel Coalition, and Advancing Native Missions.


Actively recruit an increasing number of staff instructors and self-funded short term teaching assistants


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“And the things you have heard from me…these entrust

to reliable men who can teach others also.”

2 Timothy 2:2

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