Uganda Update_Disciple Making

If there was any doubt about God’s presence and whether we were effective in imparting the message on Disciple making, today was a turning point. Doubt is gone.  It was clear in everyone’s presentations that we were given the ability from the Holy Spirit to be clear while meeting them where they were at.  The questions they asked were powerful.  God is impacting their thinking in key areas.  I was sitting with Martin while Mike was teaching.  I noticed something and told Martin “Look at that.  Everyone has open Bibles, they are all taking notes. Everyone is.” You could see in the body language that they were into the content being presented.  The first day there was little note-taking, but that has all changed. Even attendance is much larger and more intense in the response.  It was truly encouraging.

The woman who asked about the Mormon book brought it and said she didn’t want it.  She was responding to the truth of God right then and there.  She was free from her doubts.

They have worshipped God often with heart-felt intensity.  We are so encouraged by their love for Jesus.  This is not for show.  They dance before God over the joy of God’s truths.  What more can you ask in the classes.  When is the last time you had someone dance with joy over something you have taught? What a privilege to serve the churches here.

Today we began the application of “how” to do discipling with another person.  Mike and Martin modeled it and they watched.  We had made an assignment the first day to do a lesson and the entire group paired-up and they did the assigned lesson with each other.  One was a disciple, the other was being disciple.  Then they reversed roles.

Barasa is the leader of the ministry here, and he is our sounding-board.  He is thrilled with the way they are getting it.  Once again, the finances to get here, and the preparation is worth the effort.  God is already making a difference among these pastors and leaders.

Mike has been meeting with some men concerning the development of ministry to Christian business people here.  They are holding a large meeting on Saturday to explore what is needed and what can be done this summer to develop this new aspect of ministry.  Please be in prayer about this.  I am much encouraged these first two day.  Please keep praying for us.  It is evident that something new is underway. Thank you for standing with us as partners for the Gospel.

Pray for safety, effectiveness, and lasting impact for the cause of Jesus here in Uganda.

Joel McCall

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