“This has changed forever the way I will approach Scripture and preach the Word.”

Well, I’m on my way home now, but wanted to give you all a summary of our conference in Nebbi, Uganda.   This region was far more organized, many more pastors and churches are represented, and they arrived on time.  The level of understanding was much stronger than Adjumani and that’s because they obviously haven’t suffered in the same way those poor folks have.

The attendees in this conference were mainly senior pastors, 160 of them representing 22 denominations.  This made for a time of strong fellowship and hunger. The team members each taught with greater clarity and boldness.  At times, the pastors responded with loud discussion among themselves when points were made.  Once again, I see their Biblical understanding being challenged and stretched, and the verbal and physical body language is commensurate.  The singing became stronger, and there were questions addressed to all of us. It has been obvious that your prayers were making a difference.

Merle said a pastor approached with these words:  “this has changed forever the way I will approach Scripture and preach the Word.”  He had not been trained in ministry.  These three days did more for this pastor than anything in all his life.  One lady said to me, “After the second day, I went to the church and repented with tears before the Lord. “ Indeed the Lord used us to challenge their grasp of God and His work of grace.  The older bishop spoke at the end of the conference and indicated to the entire assembly that they had never heard such challenging teaching. This course is extremely challenging to teach and I know it is even more difficult to understand.  It was amazing to see them sit all day; we started at 9:00AM and didn’t finish until 5:15PM with a few breaks in-between.  They begged us to return next year so we will make that a matter of prayer.

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